1. The Jaguar Enthusiasts’ Club – Sud Ouest France/Aquitaine, hereinafter referred to as “the Club”, shall be dedicated to the preservation of SS and Jaguar cars of all ages and their derivatives, and to further the enjoyment of the marque.

2. The Club will be run by a Management Committee of not more than 8 members, each member serving for a period of not more than three years without re-election. At each Annual General Meeting at least one third of the Committee will resign and may stand for re-election. Official positions within the Management Committee will be chosen by that Committee from amongst its members. A quorum of three committee members is required, and if the Secretary is absent, an Acting Secretary should be nominated to take minutes.

3. This rule was removed at the 2018 AGM:

The position of Chairman may be held for a period of three years. The outgoing Chairman may not stand for re-election as Chairman for three years.

4. Membership of the Club is for 12 months from the 1st January each year, the annual  subscription being 10 euros as agreed by the Management Committee.

5. A member may at any time resign his membership by notice in writing to the Secretary. Resignation will take effect from the end of the current year of membership or from an earlier date if specified by such notice.

6. Membership of the Club will cease if the annual subscription of the member is more that three months in arrears, and will be considered to have ceased with effect from the expiration of that period of three months.

7. At the discretion of the Management Committee the membership of an individual may be revoked, without refund of subscription, for bringing the Club or marque into disrepute, or for conduct objectionable to other members of the Club, or contrary to the interests of the Club.

8. The Club will hold in each year an Annual General Meeting for consideration of the accounts, balance sheets, reports of the Management Committee, and the election of Committee members.

9. Advance notice of  an Annual General Meeting will be sent not less than 45 days in advance of the meeting, stating which committee members are retiring, and if they are willing to be re-elected. Any nominations for members of the Management Committee shall be received in writing by the Secretary not less than 30 days prior to the AGM, and full details and an agenda sent to all members not less than 15 days prior to the AGM.

10. Special Resolutions at a General Meeting may be approved by a simple majority of voting members present.

11. Extraordinary General Meetings may be convened by the Management Committee or by requisition of members in accordance with Article 13 of the Constitution.

12. No member of the Club shall commit the Club to any liability or obligation without the approval of at least three members of the Committee, one of which must be the Chairman or Treasurer. The approvals should be recorded by the Secretary.

13. The Club logo may be used to further the aims of the Club, but may not be used for commercial purposes in connection with any private business.

14.  All data relating to members should be kept in a secure place, and follow the rules of Data Protection as currently in force. Members details may only be published or shared with other members if they give express consent in writing. Email distribution lists should be used with blind copy (BCC), and should only be used for club business.