Structure and Legal Status
The members being in agreement with this constitution have formed an association governed by the law of 1st July 1901 and the Decree of 16th August 1901 named:

The association aims to unite enthusiasts of all Jaguar and Daimler models in participating in outings, exhibitions, meetings and any other events related to the support of the Jaguar/Daimler brand.

The duration of the association is fixed at 99 years and the Department Prefecture or Sub-Prefecture of the District has been informed that its registered office is in accordance with article 5 of the law of 1st July 1901.

Registered Office
The Registered Office is located at:   Chez Audaire,  17210 Mérignac
This may be modified if agreed by the Management Committee, however any change must be ratified at the following Annual General Meeting.

The association comprises:
a) Founder members
b) Active or subscribing members
c) Benefactors
d) Honorary members

Admission to Membership
Applications for membership must be approved by the Management Committee at one of its regular meetings, and each new applicant must have a sponsor.

Membership comprises:

a) the founding members named below;
b) all active members who have made the commitment to pay an annual subscription fixed each year at the Annual General Meeting;
c) all benefactors who pay an entry fee and an annual contribution to be fixed each year by the Annual General Meeting;
d) all honorary members who have rendered exceptional service to the association and are exempt from subscriptions.

Membership will be terminated:
a) on resignation;
b) on death;
c) on expulsion agreed by the committee due to non-payment of subscriptions, or for another serious infraction, in which case the member must be invited by registered letter to appear before the Management Committee and provide an explanation for their actions.

The resources of the association include:

a) the amount of entry fees and subscriptions;
b) any subsidies provided by the State, Regions, Departments and Communes;
c) any revenue related to the running of any events, and all revenue and benefits received for advertising and promotional purposes.

An annual set of accounts must be produced, including a balance sheet and a declaration of income and expenditure, in accordance with the provisions of the regulation of 16 February 1999 concerning standards for the production of annual accounts for associations and foundations.

The Board of Directors
The founding members shall serve for a term of 3 years. The association is governed by a Management Committee of at least 4 members elected for 3 years by majority vote at the Annual General Meeting. Existing committee members are eligible for re-election.

The Management Committee will choose from among its members, by secret ballot, the following Officers:

a) a Chairman;
b) one or more Vice-Chairmen;
c) a Secretary and if needed a  Deputy Secretary;
d) a Treasurer and if needed a Deputy Treasurer.

Half the Management Committee will be renewed every 3 years. In the case of a committee member being continually absent due to holidays or other reason, the Management Committee may provisionally replace such a committee member with a view to replacing them permanently at the following AGM. The powers of any replacement committee member(s) so elected shall end on the same date as the replaced member’s powers would have expired.

The founding members will become the first Officers on the Management Committee:

Mr. Christopher Howard Park of English nationality, retired, in the position of Chairman
Mr. Philippe Hugot of French nationality, teacher, in the position of Vice-Chairman
Mr. Phillip John Rickard of English nationality, retired, in the position of Secretary
Mr. Timothy Sankey of English nationality, retired, in the position of Treasurer

From the creation of the association and during the first 3 years, the founding members may co-opt other members to these Management Committe positions.

The Management Committee will meet at least once every 6 months, when convened by the Chairman or at the request of a quarter of its members. The decisions are taken by a majority of votes: in the case of equality of votes, the Chairman shall have the casting vote. Any member of the Management Committee , who, without excuse, does not appear at three consecutive meetings will be deemed to have resigned.

The JAGUAR ENTHUSIASTS’ CLUB – SUD OUEST FRANCE /AQUITAINE association is affiliated to the JAGUAR ENTHUSIASTS’ CLUB, whose registered office is at :

Abbeywood Office Park
Emma Chris Way

Annual General Meeting
The Annual General Meeting includes all members of the association in whatever capacity they hold.

An AGM must be held at least once a year. At least fifteen days prior to the AGM the Secretary must
send out an invitation to all members, including the agenda.

The Chairman, assisted by the members of the Management Committee, chairs the meeting and presents the current state of the association.

The Treasurer presents the accounts and submits the balance sheet for the approval of those present.

Once the agenda has been completed, any outgoing members of the Management Committee will be replaced through  a secret ballot.

Only the items listed in the agenda can be discussed. All decisions will be taken by simple majority. Each person has only a single vote.

Extraordinary General Meeting
If need be, or on the request of one half plus one of the registered members, the Chairman may convene an Extraordinary General Meeting, following the formalities laid down in article 12.

Association Rules
The association rules are established and maintained by the Management Committee, but must be  approved at the Annual General Meeting. These rules clarify specific articles of the constitution, including those related to the internal administration of the association.

Winding Up
In the case of winding up of the association decided on by at least two-thirds of the members present at the Annual General Meeting, one or more liquidators are appointed by the latter and the disposal of the remaining assets, if there are any, will be completed in accordance with Article 9 of the Act of 1 July 1901 and the Decree of 16 August 1901.